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Image courtesy of Wild Duck Creek Estate

Image courtesy of Wild Duck Creek Estate

Wild Duck Creek Estate – Export Development and Marketing Support

After building a cult-like following in Australia and the US on the back of its award-winning Duck Muck Shiraz, boutique Victorian winery Wild Duck Creek Estate embarked on an ambitious push into Asia.

Having successfully entered the Singapore and Hong Kong markets, in 2016 Wild Duck turned their attention to China. After attending a major international wine show in Shanghai to identify wine distribution partners, WDCE officially launched into the China market in early 2017.

Aiming to enhance and grow its distribution partnerships, better understand the brand positioning and identify the latest market trends and opportunities, in 2017 Wild Duck commissioned GAO to undertake a digital brand audit, China market analysis and support the delivery of an in-market training and sales program.

Working with WDCE’s distributors in China, GAO identified new distribution channels and facilitated engagement with a range of hotels, restaurants and government bodies in China. GAO also developed a Chinese brand name and logo, and assisted with the development of a new Chinese website variant to be launched in 2018.